Lessons Learned with TJ

Embark on a transformative journey with Lessons Learned, the podcast hosted by the dynamic Tarletta Williams, affectionately known as TJ. For emerging business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders seeking invaluable insights, this is your gateway to the world of strategic growth.

Lessons Learned isn't just a podcast; it's a roadmap for growth. Whether you're at the inception of your entrepreneurial journey or steering a corporate ship, this podcast is your compass. TJ's wisdom extends beyond the typical business rhetoric, offering a refreshing perspective rooted in real-life experiences.

Why listen? Because Lessons Learned is your backstage pass to the trials, triumphs, and transformative moments of building something extraordinary. TJ doesn't just share her story; she invites you to be an active participant in your own entrepreneurial evolution.

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Lessons Learned with TJ
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Tarletta Williams

Tarletta Williams from Black Dragon Marketing will share business and marketing insights, tactics, tips, and strategies from her own experience and interview experts in the marketing, sales, and leadership space.

Tarletta is your more than average multi-passionate creative and has learned the art of monetizing all of the things she loves to do, acquiring valuable life lessons and business growth methods along the way. As the founder of Black Dragon Marketing and a strategic growth navigator, she speaks to business owners, speakers, and coaches on innovation in leadership, business, and resilience. Her signature speech is titled The Leader You CRAVE. Tarletta has worked with hundreds of clients, employees, managers, and entrepreneurs and has spoken to audiences with as many as 500 people in attendance. She has helped several organizations and business owners breathe new life into their passion and create profitable endeavors from expensive hobbies.

Tarletta hosts several small business events throughout the year for business owners looking to improve their position and learn strategies that really bring home the bacon.